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Moving It Forward~ Sunshine Quilters

I recently shared my love of crumb quilting with the Sunshine Quilters. We started with a yummy dinner. Then I presented a trunk show and lecture with lots of eye candy. I believe quilts are better in person. So crammed as many quilts in my suitcases as they would hold and not go over the weight limit. Told stories of the quilts inspiration and how it came to be. Included tips and tools to make scrap quilting easier, more productive and tons of fun.

The next day we let the scraps fly. There was sharing and mixing of scraps. As we applied the concepts found in my Crumb Quilts book.

Excitement over the possibilities as they grasped the concept and began to play.

I’m excited to see where their imaginations will take them. I can barely wait to see the creations they will come up with. The Sunshine quilters are definitely a talented and creative bunch.

It was a fun couple of days! I’d love to meet your group and share my love of scrap quilting. Contact me to set up a time. Or visit my Events page to see if I’m teaching in your area. Let’s meet, quilt together and become friends.

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