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Moving it Forward with Kaffe

I bought a bit of Kaffe a while back. I have also been updating my patterns. Adding more sizes and making them AccuQuilt friendly. This week for Moving it Forward I began work on my Treasures pattern.

First I loaded the Kaffe on die while adding the background on the other. With the Go Big, I was able to feed both dies through at the same time. So in less than an hour I had my quilt cut out. Yea! For someone that hates cutting, my Go is a blessing. Don’t have a Go? That’s too bad. My pattern includes directions for both. You can also learn how to make a square in a square block with my tutorial. Plus find more patterns that use this great quilt block.

Next I began creating the blocks. I love how with the first round they look like little houses.

Then I kept chain, chain, chaining them through. Once the blocks were created I sorted them by color and began to place them on the design wall. Stay tuned for further progress.

For now I’d love to see what you’re Moving Forward. Share in the comments or on the Facebook page.

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