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Moving It Forward

I’ve been working on my neighborhood row quilt. This weekend I finished the third row. At the end of the week Cheryl will reveal my row. I had a lot of fun designing my row and love the way it looks with the rest of my rows. I can barely wait to show you.

 Last week I received a notice from the power company saying my power will be off from 11- 5 today. Now that throws a wrench in things. I was racking my brain. What will I do with no power? If the weather is good I can work in my garden. I do need to get my peas, beets and broccoli in. But that won’t take me all day. Finally I realized I could weave. I haven’t used my loom for awhile. I’ve been wanting to but had a hard time squeezing it in with all my other interests. Since I can’t sew or make soap without power the loom got warped and I’m ready to do a little weaving.

I know spring is a busy time. Are you finding time to move a few projects forward? Link up and share. I love watching your projects progress.

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