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Moving It Forward

I was given the uneven nine patch ruler back when I participated in the Dresden and Double Wedding Ring Challenges.  It’s been on my list since. This weekend at my retreat it made it to the top of the list. 

I had a charm pack full of bright prints and a couple of black prints I had thrown in a project box along with the ruler. I thought the ruler worked like the Double Wedding ring ruler but I was mistaken. So I will be adding yo yos where the blocks meet. I also need to get more of my black fabrics so I can finish this cute little baby quilt.

Now it’s your turn. Grab the button from the side bar. Link up and share what you’ve been moving forward.

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  • Bonnie says:

    Such a nice design. It is a pain to bring those points together! I've got a quilt waiting for quilting that has the same type of joining — mine's not a perfect quilt. But when done it will be a loved quilt.

  • Loris says:

    I would have thought they would sew together like a DWR too but you are right. The yo-yo's or something will make it work. The blocks look lovely!

  • mangozz says:

    I love your modified 9-patch quilt! The black background is perfect to highlight the bright colors. I've wanted to make one of these for awhile now but haven't found a good pattern. Can I ask where you got yours?

  • Marti says:

    That is so cool! I like it with the colors you used, but I think I'd like it with any colors. I love the curves.

  • cityquilter grace says:

    i love this pattern and the colors you have chosen for it…

  • dq says:

    This is such a gorgeous and colorful quilt. You made great progress. I love the blocks between the rings and that they are scrappy.

  • Karen says:

    Such a good use for a charm pack. I used to teach a Double Wedding Ring class but can't remember if I ever did anything with the nine patches.

  • Nann says:

    Oh, thank you! I think your scrappy wedge project is the solution to a must-do quilt I've been stalling on. Yay!

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