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Moving It Forward

 I’ve finished all my Moda Bake Shop At the Seashore blocks.  I had a ton of fun making them.  I had to wait to put them together until the fabric I ordered for the sashing came.

I had to get these cute charm packs too.  Because it is so much more fun to pay for fabric than shipping.  These cuties got me to the free shipping level.

 This weekend I started assembling my blocks.  Here is a section of my quilt.  The closer this gets to done the more I love it!

 I would have shown you more but it’s on the family room floor and I can’t get good pictures there.  My 100 blocks in 100 days is on the design wall. I’m keeping it there because it allows me to see what colors I need to add to even everything out and keep a balance of color.  Here are a couple of the latest blocks.  After taking this picture I noticed I need to paint my toes again.  They are looking a little shabby.

Now I want to see what you’re up to.  Link up and share your progress.  Let us cheer you on!


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