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Moving It Forward

I had such a response to my Tie Dyed Sheep I’ve begun drafting the pattern. You may think that creating the quilt before the pattern is drafted is like putting the cart before the horse. And I suppose in some ways it is. But when I get an idea in my head is is far more fun to throw bits and pieces on the design wall than to sit down with pencil and graph paper. So backwards or not it’s how I work.

 I’ve also been busy quilting the stack of Quilty Hugs I recently basted. So thankful to Ruth for taking one.  She is a beautiful quilter and I appreciate her taking time from her busy schedule to help me out.

Last weekend I did another farmer’s market. So a chunk of my time was spent packaging soap. Thanks to my niece, Abby, helping me at the market. Sometime this week I need to make more soap. You can find my all natural soap here. Just in case you missed us at the market. Or visit our Events page to see where we will be in the future. 

Sorry for the late post. I hope you will still take time to link up and share your progress.

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  • Andree G. Faubert says:

    Hi Em, I get how you would make your quilt first since that's how I usually work – except that I don't have to make the pattern after:-) I loved you sheep quilt and am looking forward to the pattern.

  • Angie in SoCal says:

    You've are busy. We've been busy here with scraps – does the pile never end?

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