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Moving it Forward

As I mentioned in my last post Simple Stitches donates a lot of scraps for Quilty Hugs.  This sweet little butterfly quilt was made from those scraps.  I used my Accuquilt Go Cutter to cut out all those triangles.  I love this method of getting pretty scraps made into usable pieces.  Find my method of cutting scraps on the Go here.  

 I quilted flowers for these butterflies to fly among.  Then found this great fuchsia fabric to bind it with. 

 With this Quilty Hug nearing completion I pulled out my scrap bins again and got another project started.  Golds, blues, browns, and greens with a pretty poppy for the background.  It matches my toes and shoes so nicely. 

Are you finishing up projects, starting new ones or just moving the current one along.  Link up and let us see. 


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