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Moving It Forward

My bits bin is one of my favorite places to play.  All those itty bitty bits of fabric sing their siren song and I give in.

 Recently I’ve pulled a lot of it’s bright happy bits to make Gradation, points for stars on Twinkle, and random bits for fun houses in It Takes a Village.

 This left a disproportionate number of low volume bits.  I’ve been pondering a use for them.  Slowly a vision has been coming together in my head.

So I pulled all the low volume bits out and began sewing them together to make fabric.  When I get a good size chunk I cut it into these cut rectangles.  I figure I’m almost half way for the plan that is forming in my head.

Now I want to see what you’ve been playing with in your sewing room.  How are you moving the ideas forming in your head forward.  Link up and share.

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