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New Sewing Room Tour

If you follow my Instagram feed you may have watched the gutting of my old sewing room. Along with the step by step process of how the new one came to be. Finally it is time for a reveal.

While my construction team worked on framing, tiling, adding lots of light, and painting. My dad made an awesome new cutting and storage table for my sewing room. There is room for all my rulers, Accuquilt Go and dies, projects, and books. It is totally awesome. So lucky to have such a talented and generous day.

I also love the built in cabinets, Brad, my construction guy, made for all my fabric bins. They made good use of the space under my stairs. Plus my bins fit perfectly. I also like how the cute little triangular cubbies showcase my trinkets and sewing treasures.

I was thankful that Brad also hung the design wall my boys made me years ago for Christmas. With my boys living in other states I didn’t have easy access to their skills. While it’s not quite as big as it was in my unfinished sewing room. (Adding a ceiling and tile took up some of that precious space.) I still love this great tool.

My sweet daughter helped me video a tour. I went a little faster than she felt she had time to give all the great nooks and crannies in my room. I’m thankful she still took time to use her talents so I could share my happy place with you. Here’s the tour.


  • Robin Ebaugh says:

    Wow, Em! Your new sewing room turned out beautiful! It’s so fresh, bright and organized! I am sure it draws you in to sew during any spare moments, or just to look around, admire, and dream of quilts to come. Great job designing it and kudos to Brad for his great construction job!

  • Lynne P says:

    Beautiful new sewing room! Great that you have such handy/helpful men in your life…such a blessing! I really like the projects you are working on, too.

  • Sharon says:

    What a fresh and friendly spot to create! Thanks for the tour. You’ve given me several ideas for my own space. How large is your sewing room?

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