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Nostalgia and Perspective

I made this little table topper back before I even started this blog.  It is one of the first quilts I made.  Back in the days when I was in the thick of being a mother.  

So I was not to happy when this happened.  The culprit denied it at first.  The fact that it was their signature eventually led to a confession.

 Fast forward almost 15 years and that infuriating incident now warms my heart.  It brings back happy memories of the delight and anticipation that filled my home back then.  Young adults, while fun in their own right don’t come close to comparing to the joy little ones bring at this time of year.

So I fondly display this little quilt each year.  Though we hide the signature,by putting it on the back side of the chair. Saving the guilty party embarrassment year after year.


  • Susie H says:

    Love the quilt. Love the story. My name is written in crayon in the bottom of a drawer but "I didn't do it!" That's my story and I'm sticking to it! Lol!

  • Momma Llama says:

    Great memory. Thanks for sharing. Here is one of our family stories to share. When my grandfather came to America and got his Social Security number, he was so afraid that he would forget it that he wrote it on the back of a drawer in the secretary. When both grandparents passed, my mother chose that piece of furniture. Then when both my parents passed, I chose the secretary. Family stories, when retold, bring the memory back to life. Thanks again for sharing yours and letting e share mine. D. Weeks (aka Momma Llama)

  • Wendy Caton Reed says:

    What a sweet memory! My sister used to write my name on things instead of her own – she was always the smart one!

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