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Overcome Overwhelm in the Sewing Room

Does your sewing room ever bring on a sense of overwhelm. The multiplying scraps. The number of projects boxes piling up. Or the finished tops needing to be quilted. There are times you may feel like you are drowning. Now we don’t want that. This is suppose to be fun. Overcome overwhelm and stay productive with these tips and tricks.

First I like to use a scrap management system. This one works for me. But Bonnie Hunter and others have others. In case what I’m doing doesn’t work for you. While this doesn’t keep the scraps from multiplying. It does allow me to be able to find and use them. When I’m ready. So that they don’t get out of control.

I also like to design a quilt around a full bin. Just another way to keep things under control. And keep me from getting overwhelmed.

Next I keep a project management sheet. (Click the link to get your free copy of what I use.) This allows me to know what I have going. It also grants me easy access to know where each project is. So when I’m feeling like piecing blocks or binding. I can quickly see what project will fulfill my needs. While letting me move things forward.

Last fall I was feeling overwhelmed by the number of Quilty Hugs needing to be quilted. My solution was to enlist the help of friends. The generous people at HandiQuilter allowed us to use their class room. We had a little quilting party, complete with pot luck lunch. And were able to quilt 25 of those quilt tops. Don’t underestimate the power of many hands.

You and your friends could take turns helping each other quilt tops, organize sewing areas and sort scraps. Not only does it make the task less overwhelming it makes it fun.

This leads me to my another way to manage the overwhelm. Share what no longer appeals to you. This allows you to get rid of the old. Clean things up and make room for new ideas. I like to share with friends I think may like what I’m getting rid of. If they are already there helping you clean up. They may voice their love of something you no longer like. After all one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. There are also many charities, schools or other places that could benefit from your cast offs. This gets rid of guilt and clutter. While helping others. It’s a win win.

My last tip is to remember it’s not a race. It’s okay if you have a bunch of scraps and projects. Learn to enjoy the ride. Rather than worry about what is not done. Find what you’d love to do. Jump in with both feet and play. Turn up your favorite tunes and sew an afternoon away. If you don’t have time for that. Squeeze in 15 minutes here and there. By small and simple things are great things brought to pass. Remember that slow steady progress will lead to those beautiful quilts.

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