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Personalized Type Key Bracelet

Christmas is coming and finding the perfect gift can sometimes be hard.  How about a personalized bracelet? 

This one if simple and quick to make.  A bonus when lists grow long and time is short.

You will need:

Moda’s Circa 1934 type key fabric available at the Fat Quarter Shop



5/8 or 3/4″ covered buttons use smaller one if your name is longer and larger ones if your name is shorter (bought here)

needle nose pliers

First cut out the letters in the name you will be putting on your bracelet.  Make sure you have enough extra fabric to cover your button.

Center your letter over the button and following the button covering instructions make your buttons

Measure a length of chain big enough for your wrist.  Open the ends of your chain using the needle nose pliers.

Insert the clasps and close up the chain.

Center your name on the chain.

Using the needle nose pliers open link for first letter based on where you centered it, insert the shank of the button inside link (make sure your letter is facing the right way and close link.  Repeat with remaining letters. 

Now your ready to share your gift. 

Or sport your own.  Which is what I did so as to keep people guessing what their gift may be.


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