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 I got a little carried away cutting 1 1/2″ strips when I made this project. Those extra strips have been sitting in a project box waiting for inspiration. Well, inspiration finally hit while shopping at Costco with my DD. How you ask? She asked if we could get a pineapple. For some reason it struck a chord with me and I thought, those scrappy strips would make a beautiful pineapple quilt.

I have made a pineapple quiltbefore so I had this cool ruler. It is the Possibilities Pineapple ruler. I found the book that goes with it but was unable to find the ruler. No worries Crazy Mom Quilts has a no ruler, no paper piece tutorial here. Just in case you get bit by the pineapple bug. It is contagious you know.

 These blocks take a bit of time. But they are so pretty.

 After taming the jungle my garden has become on Saturday I was able to squeeze in a little scrappy play. I now have four pineapple blocks.


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