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Planning a Plan B Quilt Part I

My orphan bin is full. Guess what that means! Time to make another Plan B Quilt.  I thought it would be fun to share a little process as I make this one. Just in case you would like to make on and are not quite sure how to go about it.  

 The first step is to pull out blocks. Because I tend to make man quilts and bright happy quilts not all my blocks play nice together. To fix this problem I choose a color scheme. This go around I pulled all my blocks with blue, gray, red and gold. 

Next I throw them up on the design wall. I put like shapes and blocks together. This is just to get a general idea. of how things will might fit together. Play with this but know that as you start sewing things together you will need to adjust. I like to pull out my various strip bins to use as filler pieces. I’ll post more as this quilt progresses. Know that may take a bit. I just had 5 quilt tops, batting and backs donated for Quilty Hugs. I’ve got them basted and will be working on getting them quilted, bond and to their new homes.


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