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Playing in the Mud

It’s spring and I’ve been getting my garden ready. A few weeks ago I planted broccoli, beets and peas. Now they are starting to sprout. 

I remembered last fall Cynthia told me about some gardener’s soap she had used and how great it was for washing the dirt off after gardening. I had just begun my soaping adventure and told her I would give it a try in the spring. Like a said it’s spring, though a few moments ago it was snowing outside my window, spring that fickle girl. None the less I made my gardener’s soap. It is full of great exfoliates to get you super clean after playing in the mud. It also has a wonderful blend of oils to keep your hands soft, and smells wonderful with a blend of citrus and basil essential oils.

I was telling my friend Carolyn about it while shopping at JoAnn’s and I’ll be bringing her a few bars tomorrow. She wanted some for her and her daughter. She thought it would make a great mother’s day gift. I think she might be right. Find this and my other skin loving soaps here.


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