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Pretty Patchwork Ornaments And Circling Lives

My friend, Suzy, says we were circling each other long before we met. Let me explain. She used to frequent my grandpa’s bakery when I was a little girl. She didn’t know it was me that she remembers napping in my grandpa’s office. Not until I mentioned going to his bakery did we make that connection. As a teenager I used to clean my dad’s office. One day I went to drop something off at her home and we realize that she lived right across from my dad’s office when I was there cleaning. 

Finally the stars aligned and we met when a friend took me to my first guild meeting and Suzy was the president of that guild. We’ve been friends ever since. And thanks to Suzy taking me under her wing my quilting skills have grown. 

 I have many patchwork ornaments I have received from Suzy over the years. These are my newest two. The first is from leftovers from the Bear Scraps quilt I taught at our guild recently.

This cutie is because Suzy likes red and the number nine. I feel so blessed to have Suzy as a friend and I’m grateful that our circles finally met. Our 20 year friendship has been a great blessing in my life.


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