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Quilt Fest 2017 Part 2

I was delighted when one of my former students brought this quilt from my Dazzled class, I taught earlier this year. She made her’s bigger and used the scraps to make the lovely pieced border.


Then I was off to teach a wonderful bunch of ladies in my Modern Gems class yesterday. 

 I loved seeing what fabrics they had choose for to make this quilt. It’s one of my favorite things about teaching. Seeing how each quilter makes the same quilt unique and their own.

 I was curious when I saw this neat tool, Quilt in a Day’s Sew Straight.

 And pretty impressed when I saw it in action. It enables you to sew a straight line when sewing through squares without having to draw a line.

 Made making these snowball blocks go so much more quickly.  You can also do hst just by adjusting where you line things up. Pretty slick!

She also had this little travel iron.  Another lady in the class had used it after surgery for all her ironing. They both agreed it was a great iron.                                                           So in addition to being able to teach these great ladies they taught me a couple of useful tips.


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