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Quilt Field Trip

Some people go on field trips with children.  I used to do that an always had a lot of fun.  My children have grown and flew the nest.  But field trips still sound fun.  So I now take my quilts.  We’ve been to Bryce, Lagoon Trail and Muller Park.  This time I gathered this pretty pile.

 And we headed to the city, Salt Lake City that is.  What’s a field trip without a school bus?   Remembering to stick together and not lose your partner. 


 We were on top of the world and cheering at the all the sites.  Whoop!  Whoop!

Scrap Busting Star

Thank you to my sister, Becky, for all the great pictures.  If you are looking for a great wedding photographer she’s your girl.  She felt she needed to pay me for watching her kids while she shot a wedding in Hawaii.  I just thought I was having a fun week with her kids.  But I’m not going to say no to a fun photo shoot.  Watch for more of our adventure.  


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