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Ripping My Heart Out

I’ve had way too much fun playing in my scrap bins this week.  Lovin’ every minute of it.  There is just something so relaxing to me when the scrap fly.Not to mentions fulfilling as things start to grow on my design wall.  I had this mostly assembled when I decided I didn’t like the heart in the bottom center.

The different fabrics just mushed together.  So my seam ripper and I got busy, rip, rip, ripping.  Then I started to audition fabrics. 

 I liked this one but worried that I might not have enough.  Didn’t want to get mostly done and run out.  I’d had enough time with the seam ripper.

 Then there was this one.

 But I finally settled on this one.

 Now that’s more like it.  Definitely worth the time spent with the ripper.  Now to baste and get her quilted.  Hopefully I’ll be able to hang it for Valentines.


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