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Happy April Fools Day!!!  This challenge is no joke.  I know there are lots of new challenges popping up all over.  Many of us need a new project like we need a hole our heads.  But I’m of the philosophy that you can never have enough projects.  You wouldn’t want to get bored while sheltering in place. So in addition to my current projects, and joining Denyse Schmidt’s  Proverbial Quilt Along.  I’m extending a challenge of my own.  

Here’s the challenge. 
Week 1:Fill a shoe box sized container with scraps.  How you do this is up to you, random or a controlled pull. 

Blue bin pull

 Then adding a background or not, stick with the bin and create a quilt from your pull.  Here are two examples of times I have done this, one more traditional the other free form.
Week 2: Create a plan for our quilt
Weeks 3 and 4: Start cutting out and making blocks for your quilt
Weeks 5 and 6: Finish making blocks and start assembling.
Week 7: Finish assembling your quilt
Week 8:  Share your top! 

cozy fabric pull

It may surprise you what you can create.  How big a quilt you can create with only a shoe box of scraps.  And the fact that you may still have scraps leftover. 

Here is my current pull.  I’m in need of a man quilt.  I had a lot of strips I didn’t want in my spiderweb quilt. So I pulled the unwanted strips.  I thought they would lend themselves well to my man quilt.  Now to play and see where they take me. 

I’m also looking forward to seeing what you will come up with.  Share on Instagram with #scrapbinpull or #scrapbinpullchallenge or on my Facebook group, Aunt Em’s Scrap Bag Group

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