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Scrap Busting Backgrounds

A scrappy background is a fun way to add interest to your quilt.  With this quilt I made for my mom from Bluebird Flour sacks she collected on her mission among the Navajo Indians.  I wanted to use all of the sacks but didn’t have enough to make the whole background.  I pulled from my low volume scrap bin to supplement the flour sacks.  I think the different fabrics add interest without stealing the show from the Dresden flowers.  

Hello Sunshine

Sometimes I create a scrappy background because it’s a fast way to thin a bin.  The green bin was overflowing so my Naughty Garden came to be.  

 My blue bin fills up regularly.  I have several quilts that have scrappy blue backgrounds. It’s the only way I seem to be able to keep it under control.

Scrappy Dresden

There are times when I use a scrappy background for the artistic effect.  I felt that the scrappy blue and green backgrounds in my Wonky Rose Garden quilt gave it a Monet effect.  Like an impressionist painting.

I used scrappy greens in my Tie Dyed Sheep quilt to give it a pastoral effect.  

Sometimes I create a scrappy background because I feel it will play well with the colors I’m placing on it.

 There are times I use a scrappy background because I don’t have enough of one fabric and I want to start a project right away.  I needed this quilt for a class.  Apparently I gave the original away. 


I am a little impatient.   And when inspiration hits I just want to get to work.  Like when I started making these blocks as a little play on my birthday.  I didn’t have a lot of any one navy fabric but when I combined them.  A whole lot of play was able to happen.

Enchanted Forest

Tune in Friday for tips on making your own scrap busting backgrounds.


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