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Scrap Busting Improvisational Log Cabin Blocks

Nothing relaxes me more than making improvisational blocks from my scrap bins.  There is just something about mindlessly pulling scraps from my bins and sewing them together than eases my mind.  I get in the zone and hours can pass.  Before I know it I have a bunch of happy blocks.

 That is what happened with my Scrap Bin Challenge.  Pull, sew, trim, pull sew trim.  Before I knew it this man quilt was done.  It finishes at 60″ x 72″.  I’m planning on giving it to my daughter’s friend’s father.  Her was recently diagnosed with cancer.  So a quilt is in order. 

Learn my method for these fast, fun blocks in my latest YouTube video. 

Make sure to share you projects with me.  I love to see what your up to.  Join my Facebook group or use @emsscrapbag on Instagram. 


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