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It’s been a scrap happy week in my sewing room. All my pineapple blocks are on the design wall waiting to get sewn together. Their leftover bits are tucked into rail fence blocks and squeezed in beside their momma blocks. All that scrappy goodness was joined by my newly basted wonky log cabin. It was some great eye candy while I exercised. 

Though difficult I did get in my workout before finishing up the quilting on the log cabin.

 I’m so pleased with the results.

 I looks so happy in the gray that has become my winter yard. I really like it next to the little bit of snow we have.

In addition I’ve been busy making soap. I didn’t realize as I gave it away a gifts for friends and neighbors during the year that I was advertising. Many have come shopping in my home for Christmas presents.  I still have a little and if you order in the next couple of days I can still get it to you in time for Christmas. 

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As my daughter says, “Everyone uses soap, or at least you hope they do.”


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