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Scrap Happy Summer Meet Victoria

It was love at first sight when I saw Victoria’s work.  Her improvisational made fabric combined with traditional blocks speaks to my heart.  I love taking part in her challenges on 15 minute play.  They stretch me and make me a better quilter.  I was thrilled when I won her book ’15 Minutes of Play Improvisational Quilts’.  Follow the link to get your own copy.  I promise you will not be sorry.  It is fabulous!

I was tickled when Victoria said she would be willing to be a guest for Scrap Happy Summer.  She is very busy this summer traveling around teaching.  Check outher scheduleto see if she will be teaching near you.  I think it would be absolutely amazing to go to one of her classes.  I’m still trying to get the Utah Quilt Guild to get her to come.  But until then I’ll just have to glean from her blog, book and her great advice here.

Me “What do you consider a scrap?  What’s to big/small?”

 Victoria “I throw everything on my floor when I’m working and I often reach down to grab slivers of something because it caught my eye…but as far as SAVING.. well, you’ve sen 1″ postage stamp quilts right?  Why throw it away? Make postage stamp quilts… ;-)”

Me “Do you prefer big projects or little ones when using your scraps?  Or do you use a combo?

Victoria “I tend to make BIG quilts. Have you seen me? I’m 6″ tall, a lap quilt means it has to be at least 60″ to cover my legs!  haha! I make a lot of KING size quilts, because I have a king size bed… What if I make the wrong size and it’s my favorite one? It wouldn’t fit my bed, and I couldn’t sleep under it… and That, would be terrible.  So I make BIG quilts.”

Me “How do you keep your scraps form taking over your sewing area?”

Victoria  “hahaha! Oh wait, you were serious?

I work from my scrap bins.  bins, and bins! I have 8-10 bins, boxes, etc… I am over taken… I love my scraps.”

Me “Any tips you would offer others when using scraps?”

Victoria “Everyone has there limit on scraps, but I recommend being mindful of waste… use up what we have… we all have more then we need. Sew it up, give a quilt away, make someone’s life a little bit happier by giving them a scrap quilt!”

My favorite scrap quilt?  The ones that I have friends contribute blocks to.  I enjoy making my own scrap quilts, But when I get others to help contribute, it feels so much more special!  It is gathering bits of quilt love from all ends of the globe, bringing it all together in one quilt… that’s great quilt karma! Make quilts. Give quilts. Share the passion.

I second that!  Share the passion!


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