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I have a little scrappy project in mind.  It will use bright warm scraps and light cool solids.  Here is my scrappy fabric pull.

 I also thought it might be fun to show you how cut scraps on my Accuquilt Go cutter.  For this project I’m using my 2 1/2″ half square triangle die

 First I press my scraps.  I use a little Best Pressto give them a crisp feel.

 Then I start layering them on the die.  I don’t worry about them filling the whole die.  I just want to get as many pieces as I can. 

 Then I layer 

 And layer until I have 6 layers in as many places as I can.  

 Next I run it through my Go.  And out comes all these pretty little half square triangles, with all the dog ears cut off.  

 Here is the waste.  Not bad.  I figure I’d have just as much if I were to cut them the old fashioned way. 

 Finally I just play

 and play 

 and play.

Just a little FYI if  your planning on getting a Accuquilt Go, they will be $150 off on black Friday.  Now that’s a deal! 


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