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Service with a Smile

About a month ago my daughter asked me to make matching aprons for her and her companion.  She is currently serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  She needed me to hurry as transfers were in five weeks and they may not be companions with the changes.

 I mentioned this to my mom when I was down visiting her.  She happened to have a couple of aprons in her drawer.  My mom’s house is better stocked than most craft stores.  In a moment of frustration my sister told a sales clerk at JoAnn’s this.  But there is a bit of truth in this.  It’s one of the reasons all my children love to visit my parents.  Anyway, mom donated the aprons and embroidered their names on them.  I added the scrappy applique flowers.

They were a hit! They used them to make cookies to take to people in their area.   And they will get to enjoy using them for another 5 weeks.  Since they are still companions.

Just a little FYI did you know you can get a free quilt package when you sign up for Blueprint.  What a deal!  

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