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Sew Along Sew and Show

We are social beings.  Even if you think of yourself as a introvert.  We need people.  Dr. Lauri Santos has been doing a whole series on how we are happier when we are more social.  Check it out.  I’ve felt a need to gather lately.  I don’t know if it’s because of Covid or what.  But I’ve been having friends for lunch and hosting girls nights out.  I have even included this element in my Sew Along, with new Sew and Show sessions..

Have you been heard about my Sew and Show sessions?  Want to know what one looks like.  Or how it works.  Let me give you the scoop.

The nuts a bolts of Sew and Show

First of all my Sew and Shows happen monthly through my sew along membership. It is my way to connect with my fellow quilters.  We meet over Zoom in our sewing rooms.  When you become a member you will receive an email with the time, date and zoom link to join the Sew and Show.  A reminder will be sent the day before, as well as the morning of and just before the meeting starts.  I know how my brain works.  Often I may remember something in the morning but forget before it starts.  I know I may not be along in this. I don’t want you to be sad that you forgot.  So I provide friendly reminders to your inbox.

Just simply click on the link when it’s time for the meeting to start.  You will need the Zoom ap for the link to work.  It’s simple.  Let me know if you have questions.  Once you click the link you will be admitted into the waiting room.  From there I’ll admit you into the Sew and Show.

What happens

We start with a welcome.  Feel free to turn on your camera and microphone.  Not a must but it’s hard to chat and get to know you if you don’t.  We’ll have a get to know you question.  Time to share what we are working on.  Then we will sew.  As we sew we’ll chat.  Just as you would if you were meeting with friends to sew together.  I’ll offer a few tips and what Susy calls Emilyisms.  Toward the end of the Sew and Show the fun will begin as we share what we have been working on.


Here’s a little snip it of a what it looks like.

If this sounds like fun to you.  We’d love to have you join us.  Sign up for Em’s sew along membership and let the fun begin.

You’ll also receive quarterly scrap busting workshops.  As well as sample quilts with interchangeable block.  All for under $7 a month.

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