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Slash of Color

Spring is a fickle girl. I joked with the postman yesterday as the rain turned to snow that spring is like living with a teenage daughter. She is beautiful and wonderful but she keeps you guessing. I was so afraid this fickle girl would keep me from getting any pictures of my newly finished Splash of Color quilt. You can find a tutorial on this one here.

Like I said it was rainy yesterday and even a little snowy for awhile but late in the afternoon I was able to sneak outside and get a few pictures. I thought I better show some of spring’s beauty after dwelling on her not so lovely side. My forsythia is blooming and made another lovely splash of color with my quilt. 

And here she is with the cherry blossoms.

Linking up with Sarah, Amanda Jean, and Cynthia to celebrate this spring finish. Finally I had so much fun reading everyone’s mom memories. Aren’t moms the best?! Thanks for sharing. Our winner is;Julierose! She and her mother enjoyed golfing together. Congratulations Julierose, if you want to send me your snail mail I’ll get your prize off.


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