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Sneak Peek and a Little Joy

 I can’t really show you what became of the fat quarter pack I showed a little while back.  But here is a sneak peek.  She is a top.  I’m hoping to get her quilted in the next week.

Though I can’t show you what I’m up to.  I can show you some pretty awesome quilts that other’s have made using my patterns.  Here is Lee’s Enchanted Forest quilt.   Didn’t she do a fabulous job!  I love the beautiful blue background.  It really lets those scrappy trees and birds shine.

 Next Zona finished her Dahlia quilt.  I love all the bright happy fabrics she chose.  Zona is a new quilter and did a fabulous job!  Can’t wait to see how she grows and develops as a quilter. 

Did you know that I’ve created a new student gallery on my website?  I love seeing all the quilts that are created from my patterns.  So I thought it would be fun to show off quilters work and see how they took my patterns and made them their own.  Take a minute to check it out.  If you’ve made one of my patterns and would be willing send me a picture and I’ll include it there.

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  • Needled Mom says:

    Those fabrics look so pretty. I will be excited to see the finish. I, too, love those blues and the Dahlia is gorgeous. That one is on my bucket list.

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