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Star Struck Quilty Hug

Making Quilty Hugs brings me so much joy.  I love each month getting together with my little sewing angels.  We laugh, catch up and sew, sew, sew.  This scrappy little quilt was a bit of a group effort.  Most of the Quilty Hugs are.  Shelly made all the 25 patches.  I added the sashing.

 I wish I had gone brighter on the star points.  A few of them get lost.  But all in all it is a cute little quilt.  I was glad it was mostly done when my sister, Lori called asking if I had any Quilty Hugs available for a friend of hers.  I sent pictures of three. Sadly Lori lives far away, and couldn’t come and choose one herself. 

She chose this one.  She felt the others were to bright for her friends liking.  I do, do a lot of bright quilts.  They make me happy.  I hurried to put a binding on it and got it in the mail.  It arrived yesterday.  Ready to give love and comfort to Lori’s friend as she battles the dread disease cancer.  May she win her valiant fight.


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