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 What a fun class we had yesterday at K & H.  The Free Spirit Girls had lots of fun making wonky stars. 

Susan and Angela decided to stick with the pattern, Sparkle.  Though I think both will change the size of there quilt by making more stars.  They are addictive after all.

 Sue found this pattern.   Instead of using the stars and applique birds shown in the pattern.

 She will use her wonky stars

 And the wonky birds she made in the Enchanted Garden class.  I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

 I was thrilled when Susan brought her finished Scrappy Dresden top.  Don’t you just love how her solid Dresdens pop on her scrappy. low volume background?  What a great finish!

One of the great rewards of teaching is seeing how a student takes your quilt and makes it their own.  I’m thrilled with how the Free Spirit girls get bolder and more outside the box as the year goes on.  I’m busy planning next year.  Looking forward to watching their skills grow!  I’d love to help you and your group develop their quilting skills.  My 2020 year is starting to fill up.  Schedule your group now so you don’t miss out!  Contact me here or via email to get your workshops, trunk shows and lectures scheduled.


  • Needled Mom says:

    Those are fabulous scrappies! I have been wanting to make that tree too. Those stars will be perfect for it.

  • Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana says:

    Always so pleasurable to see what a group is making…such diverse yet scrappy projects. I think using those paper pieced birds in a Christmas tree is inspired, being a bird lover, my tree is almost all bird ornaments.

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