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Taking the Fear Out of Curved Piecing

Does curved piecing scare you? I get it. There was a time I felt the same way. In fact it took some serious persuasion from Victoria Findlay Wolfe before I took the leap.

I had entered a quilt contest with the Modern Quilt Guild using Denise Schmidt’s Dresden ruler. By some miracle I won. You can see the quilt here. Well, the next year the theme was a double wedding ring. That about scared me to death. I wasn’t going to enter. But Victoria, one of the judges and a mentor of mine, said that as a winner they really wanted me to participate again.

She said I could do something small, like a table runner. Would I please just try. I finally gave in and agreed to do something small. The thing is once I began I was hooked. I loved the process. My table runner became a queen size quilt.

With that said, don’t let your fear of curves keep you from trying them. You may find, like me, you love it. Knowing how to do curved piecing can open a world of piecing possibilities. In addition to the double wedding ring, there is the pickle dish, drunkards path and all it’s layouts, plus improve

Are you ready to learn curved piecing? Perfect! Here is a little video tutorial to help you out.

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  • Terry says:

    I love Victoria’s templates and patterns. I’ve just finished one with the wedding ring and the melon and have one cut out with the wedding ring and solid arc. There are so many possibilities with them! Your quilts are an inspiration.

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