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The Joys of Scrap Quilting

I’m a firm believer in doing what you love. There is enough of what is messy and hard in this life. Taking a little time to have a little fun is important to combat that. I find the joys of scrap quilting fill my cup. They even allow me to bring a little joy to others.

Endless Supply

One of the joys of scrap quilting is there is a steady supply of scraps. I really believe they multiply when I turn off the lights. As you know I recently created a book, Crumb Quilts. It’s all about scrap quilting. Sewing out of my scrap bins for a whole year. I still have oodles. In fact, I don’t even think it made a dent. How does that happen? It’s like the widow associated with Elijah. The measure of ‘scraps’ never runs out. So sewing with scraps saves money. That sure makes me happy.

Happy Memories

Another joy of scrap quilting are the happy memories. Every scrap in your bin holds a story. Stories of how they were acquired. They tell about the quilts they have gone into and the people who received them. A quilters scrap bins are a map of her quilting journey. Sharing what her favorite colors, patterns and styles are. They even reveal the evolution of those things. Am I alone in the fact that my fabric choices have evolved over the years? Sometimes I wonder what I was thinking when I discover what I now think is a ugly fabric. All part of the joy of quilting.

Play Nice

Finally scraps just play nice together. I find I can just mindlessly sew, especially with my littlest bits and everything looks good together. It’s not like decoration my home. Where I worry that because there are large amounts of few colors there is more of a chance of things not being cohesive. So I’ll leave the decorating to my daughter. I’m heading to my sewing room for a little joy.


  • Elaine Adair says:

    I ‘ve made several WELCOME banners from quilt leftovers that hang by my STUDIO door. The WELCOME banner for ME is finished, the quilt is not yet finished. One Day at a Time. Thanks for so much visual inspiration!

  • Jennifer says:

    When I’m scrap quilting, I feel free to relax and play. They’re just scraps, so I’m not worried I’m going to waste expensive or precious fabric.

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