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Time Saving Tricks to Create More Time to Sew

Life is busy. Finding time to do what we love can be a battle. Use these time saving tricks to carve out more time to do what you love.

Organization in the Sewing Room

If you are like me creative clutter rules in your sewing room. Taking a few moments to tidy up will ensure you spend your time sewing rather than looking for your rotary cutter, seam ripper or other essential too. Also having blocks, fabric and pattern for each project contained in one spot enables you to grab and get busy. I like these project boxes to contain my separate projects. They are see through so I can easily see what each contains. Plus they fit most size blocks easily. Finally I use this WIP management system. It enables me to see where each project is on it’s way to completion. This is useful when picking a project based on my mood. Do I want to piece? Maybe I feel like binding. No need to spend time remembering. Just glance at the list and go.

Feed Your Family and Still Have Time to Sew

I hate grocery shopping. But my family still thinks they need to eat. Grocery delivery saves me from going to the grocery store while still providing food for the fam. Many grocery stores provide this service. Amazon is also an option. I like use their subscription service on many items my family uses again and again. No need to even spend time ordering they just show up at regular intervals.

I prefer to make my own meals. I create a menu each Friday. This saves me time having to worry about what we will eat each night. Another option is Hello Fresh or Blue Apron. These serves do the measuring and chopping saving you time. While still allowing you to have a fresh cooked meal.

If you’re really looking to save time. Have the hubby pick up take out or order Doordash.

Limit Social Media

Ever got on social media and lost an hour or two. Me too! While I gain a lot of inspiration from Instagram and Pinterest. They can be a time suck. Try setting a timer. And once you get in your sewing room keep your phone away from you. My son places his phone in another room when he needs to get something done. All those pings and alerts can be so distracting. Eliminate those distractions and have fun creating something beautiful.

Hope this helps you create more time to sew. Can’t wait to see what you create!

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  • Robin Ebaugh says:

    I SO agree with you about the grocery shopping. If there’s one good thing that came out of the pandemic, it’s that it broke me on the habit of wasting so much time in grocery stores! That little, “I just need to run in for one thing.” turned out to be never just one thing. I intend to never go back…I’m convinced that having groceries delivered saves money, even with tips for the shoppers and even with some stores’ delivery fees. The shoppers bring me what’s on my list, and I don’t wind up spending a bunch of money on things I pick up on a whim. And like you said, most importantly, I can be getting fun things done while someone else does this chore.

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