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Tuesday Tutorial~ Aprons and Fun

 Last week the ladies at my church had a little celebration to celebrate the birthday of Relief Society, What is Relief Society? Glad you asked. It is the women’s organization in the LDS church.  In addition to learning and providing service we have fun. The theme was Retro.

We were to wear our aprons and pearls. Sadly the only aprons I had were the ones my children had made in their sewing class at school. I wanted something other than a dishtowel apron. So I found this cute, fast and easy tutorial. The fact that it could be made in 30 minutes was a major selling point to me. And when it really was that easy I was sold. I added jumbo ric rac to mine. But I do love the pom pom fringe on the one shown.

After a yummy dinner and short program each table was given an All a Dollar table cloth, scissors, and tape. From this we were to make a dress. Well the creative juices got flowing and a good sport from each table proudly modeled their creation. Here they are. 

My table made the yellow Belle inspired dress. My neighbor is the cutie in the pink and blue dress with pill box hat and matching hand bag. Tons of fun. A big thanks to the talented ladies that organized it.

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