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Tuesday Tutorial ~ Star Weaver

Having a little more fun with my Accuquilt Go! This time on a fun star quilt pattern I call Star Weaver. Originally I designed this using only the quarter square die. And it can be made using only that die. But I found that I could save me matching up a lot of seams if I also used the square in a square die.  

So the stars all use the quarter square die and the chain sashing combines the two dies. You can find the pattern here. This little video shows how the star is made.

And lucky day if you don’t have the quarter and square in a square dies you can get them on sale now. YEAH! Plus any other dies you might be dying to get.  Hee! Hee!                                             Accuquilt GO! Dies

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  • Jack says:

    Wow i absolutely adore these quilts! they look so pretty and i am sure they will go well no matter where they are placed at home

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