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Tuesday Tutorial

My pink scrap bin is so full I can barely fit the lid on. If you know me, you know what that means. It’s time to make a quilt. I’ve been mulling over in my mind how I want to use up these pretty in pink scraps. After a day or two an idea came to me. 

A tickled pink quilt, using feathers. I looked up tutorials to get me some ideas and I found these. First Anna Maria Horner’s Feather Bed

 Next these more square feathers byIntrepid Thread.

 And finally these applique style feathers from,Little Bit Funky.

Now because I have a hard time following someone else’s pattern and just have to do my own thing. I’m pulling elements from these three to create my own. I’ve got a couple of prototypes right now. I’ll share those latter along with the method to my madness, aka a tutorial. In case the wonderful feathers above are not quite what you are looking for.


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