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Want to Expand Your Quilting Tool Box?

Are you ready to take the next step?  Want to grow  your skills?  Go from basic four and nine patch blocks.  Let me help you expand your quilting tool box.  My newest sew along quilt is about to begin.  We’ll be leaving the Winter Whimsy and beginning Fairy Garden.  Though you’ll have access to both patterns when you join.  But don’t wait.  The opportunity to join the sew along is only for a week.  Then we’ll be off and sewing.

If you would like to try impov and wonky piecing.  You’ll be given the opportunity.

Or maybe your more precise.  You can also try paper piecing.  But don’t let either scare you.  It’s only a block or two.  Just enough to give you a taste.  Without committing to a whole quilt using that method.

Maybe curves have scared you in the past.  Let me share tips and tricks to give  you confidence.

How about applique?  Enjoy video and PDF instruction to show you how and help you succeed.

Maybe you are looking to improve your accuracy.  I’ve got you covered with techniques to get square blocks and pointy points.

Each week you’ll receive instructions for a new block along with any instructions necessary to progress your quilt.

By the end of the you’ll have a beautiful sampler style quilt.  Plus your quilting tool box will be full of new skills.



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