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What Do I Do with All this Scrap? From the Bits Bin

One of my favorite things to do with my bits bin is to make fabric. You can find my method here.  I’ve made several projects using this method. This pillow is a favorite of mine.

In fact one of my all time favorite quilts also uses this method. This was only suppose to be a table runner. Yes, I got a little carried away. 

Double Wedding Ring

All the tulips in this quilt are made fabric. The other elements came from various scrap bins.

Mary’s Garden

If you would like to make your own tulips, you can learn how here.

Close up of Mary’s Garden

I love this way to use up my bits. I love it so much I sleep under all that made fabric every night. 

I’ve also used made fabric as a background for applique blocks. I made this for my mom after she gave me her Blue Bird flour sacks. I thought it was a fun way to use them. Including the round logos for the center of the Dresdens and the rest of the sacks in the background.

Hello Bluebird

You can click on the captions of these two quilts to find patterns. Just in case one of your color bins is full. That’s how both of my Scrappy Dresden quilt came into being.

Scrappy Dresden


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