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What Learning to Quilt Has Taught Me

I have found learning to quilt has taught me many life lessons. Today I’d like to share what my quilting mistakes have taught me.

Enjoy the Process

One, while you want your quilt to look good. Small imperfections add character. I like to say, “My quilts are like my husband, perfect with lots and lots of character.” Plus when you quilt is complete, no one will notice where a seam doesn’t quite match up. Or a point that may not be perfect. They will see the overall beauty of what you created. So don’t take the fun out of making your quilt for small imperfections. Admit it could be better and just try a little harder next time. You’ll enjoy the process more. Plus your fabric pieces won’t get distorted making them harder piece.

Enhancing Elements

Two, what we think are mistakes may actually be design enhancing elements in our quilt. My business started from such a mistake. I was putting together a quilt for charity. While planning the borders I got my math wrong. Resulting in not enough fabric to finish my borders. To salvage the quilt I came up with the idea of adding solid squares in to of the corners. This made it so I had enough border fabric. When I shared the quilt with my local quilt shop. The owner asked me to turn it into a pattern. My first pattern, and the birth of Aunt Em’s Quilts.


Three, done is better than perfect. I create my quilts to be used. They are intended to give comfort. No one can snuggle with my quilt or find warmth if I never finish it. Does a toddler care that a star point is cut off? Nope, he just wants his blankie. Does someone battling cancer notice that a seam doesn’t match? Of course not, they just feel the love, comfort and hope a gifted quilt brings.

So enjoy the process. Learn and grow from your mistakes. Most importantly share the love.


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