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Winter Wonderland

My favorite winter hike is up Muller Park Canyon.  I snowshoe it at least once every winter.  It is gorgeous anytime of year. I especially like it in winter.  Something about the snow makes it magical.  

 I thought it would be fun to take a bunch of my quilts to the trail head and do a little photo shoot.  If I was more ambitious I would have hiked them to elephant rock.  I’m sure I would have got some fabulous pictures there. 

 The ones I got at the trail head were pretty spectacular. I love how the colors of Sunshine on a Cloudy Day  popped in this winter wonderland.

While the blues in Rhythm and Blues took on an icy feel.  

 I never saw it before but in the snow the majestic mountain blocks became icicles.

 Or a river of ice, depending on the angle of the quilt.

Watch for more from my winter wonderland photo shoot in the coming weeks.


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