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Workshops, Samplers, and Block Parties, OH MY

I’m excited to announce I’ve created a membership that includes workshops, samplers and block parties.  I wanted a fun way to connect with you.  While creating a place your could not only connect with me but with fellow quilters.   I feel Covid did a number on our sewing together.  I want to bring it back.

So, I’ve expanded my sew long.  Not only will you have access to my colorful and scrap friendly themed samplers.  I’ll also be offering monthly sew and show sessions.  Were we can gather virtually and sew together, chat and share what we are creating.  We’ll meet over Zoom in our sewing rooms.  I’ve loved doing this with my recent workshops.  Being able to chat while students create and instantly seeing their progress has been rewarding for me.  So I want to do more of it.  Will you join me in my sewing room?  The first Sew and Show will be Tuesday, October 24th from 1-4 PM Mountain Time.  I’d love to chat and sew with you!

Also I’ll host quarterly workshops designed to help you bust through your scraps in creative ways.  Each workshop is free to members!  I may offer it at a fee to non members.  But to ensure you have access to all the scrappy instruction.  You just need to be a member.  All workshops will be recorded.  So if you can’t make the live workshop, you’ll still have access to the content.

Plus if you’ve not been a part of the sew along and have wanted to create the samplers, you can. All samplers will be available on a rotating scheduled according to the seasons.  Right now you’ll have access to Summer Nights, Smooth Sailing, Fairy Garden and September Sun.

In addition to the sampler quilts you’ll have access to an assortment of baby quilts, wall hangings, table toppers and more.  Because the blocks from the samplers are the same sizes.  They are interchangeable.  Meaning you can mix and match to come up with your own unique design.  I can’t wait to see how you combine the block in your own personal patchwork block parties.  The possibilities are endless


All this for less than $7 a month.  Unsubscribe at any time.

So how get access to all this content?  It’s easy!  Click here

Can’t wait to connect with you as we turn our scraps into amazing quilts.

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