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Discover Beautiful Quilts Like These

Do you love beautiful quilts? Wish you could make your own? Let’s go on an adventure together. I’ll help you discover the hidden quilts in your sewing room. Give you the tools you need to confidently pick fabric for your quilts. Teach you tricks to make those quilts go from ho hum to Wowzah. All you need is a sewing machine, rotary cutter, mat, and some scraps. No special rulers or fancy gadgets.


We will scale those mountains of scraps. Receive tips to make it easy to find and use your fabric stash. Dive deep into that sea of bits and pieces to create quilts like the ones you see on this blog.

Creating quilts from scrappy strings, miscellaneous chunks and even the tiniest bits. Whatever and however scraps accumulate in your sewing room. I’ve got ways to help you fall in love with them and turn them into gorgeous quilts.


Quilts that use a single block that twists and turns to create multiple patterns.

Designs that take a single block. Enlarge it and fill it with scrappy goodness.

We’ll play with scale to create quilts that use the same block in differing sizes.

Discover how combining two blocks can create alternate patterns.

Sew together your tiniest pieces to create your own unique fabric and use it.

Plus discover the fun and freedom of improvisational quilting.


Are you ready to join the adventure? Join me for this twelve week fun and informative class. Designed to release your creativity and turn those piles of scraps into wonderful scrappy quilts. Enjoy unlimited access to dozens of block patterns.. Watch video tutorials as many times as needed. Have all your scrap quilting questions answered quickly through chat and live Q&A’s. Sign up now! Enrollment closes on June 6th. The adventure begins June 7th. Don’t miss out!


  • Angie in SoCal says:

    This sounds like a great class. Unfortunately, I am now caregiving for my 95 year old Mom who has progressive dementia. Not much sewing going on right now. I hope this will be repeated or able to watch at a later time. I’m sure you’ll have a lot of students. Your quilts are just amazing.

  • Anne says:

    How do you get information on this or these classes? I clicked on the button that said, “join the fun”, but all I get is muck luck from Kabjajajaj stuff that I don’t want to see or read. No way to get to what was advertised You & your stuff. Help please. I know you can make money with this junk, but for those of us who are not interested, there needs to be an quick & easy way out. Thanks -Anne

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