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Quilting at Beautiful Bryce Canyon

Last year when I taught quilting at Bryce it was just before everything shut down. I was thrilled when I learned that the retreat would happen this year. It was necessary to divide the retreat to lower numbers. Masks and other precautions were taken to keep everyone safe. It felt so good to see friends again. Plus I truly enjoy teaching.

Seven Sisters at Bryce

My friends Ruth and Sue joined me. We packed up all our projects, sewing machines and other gear for a week of fun and adventure. Ruth and Sue brought beautiful quilts to lay on their bed. I had a few quilts but rather than freeze my friends out so I could sleep under a quilt. I just slept under a sheet. Don’t know why but I’m always hot.

Sue was busy with lots of fun classes. Ruth and I spent a lot of our time in the park. We did a few hikes.

And of course we had a fun photoshoot with our quilts. It was a windy day. Ruth said it was lucky we didn’t loose any of our quilts to the canyon. Which is true. But I’ll admit I love a picture of a quilt flapping in the breeze.

I had a lovely class of ladies in my Twisted Star class. It was a smaller class so everyone could have their own table to social distance. Masks were worn while moving around the classroom. It felt so good to be among friends and share my knowledge. I loved seeing their joy as blocks came together.

Thankful the vaccine is out. I’ll get mine tomorrow. Hopefully that means this hard year is coming to an end. That gathering with friends will once again be something we can do regularly.

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