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Take a Journey to Discover Hidden Quilts

Did you know there are hidden quilts in your sewing room? It’s true! I find them in mine all the time. They are hiding in those mountains of scraps that seem to accumulate and multiply. Let’s go on a journey to discover hidden quilts.

It will be like a treasure hunt! It will be fun! Remember as a child the thrill of discovering treasures? Each Easter my parents hid our Easter baskets. I don’t know what was more fun. Looking for the baskets or eating the treats. Discovering hidden quilts is similar. There is just as much fun finding the perfect scrap pull. In exploring a design. And sewing a quilt. As there is in enjoying the finished quilt.

Let me share my knowledge of color and design to help you. It’s like an adventure. We will scale those mountains of scraps. Dive deep into that sea of fabric bits to find the perfect pieces. Explore color, value and scale. Identify design secrets. To reveal beautifully unique quilts.

I hope you will join me in this adventure. I’ve created a virtual course designed to give you the skills you need to discover hidden quilts in your sewing room. I’m as excited about taking this journey with you as my boys were when I would take them camping when they were younger. We will have just as many great times as they did. Without having to sleep in a tent. This fun, scrap busting course full of dozens of scrap friendly blocks. That create millions of gorgeous quilts. Is yours at a discount for the 24 hours only. With discount code SHOOT4THESTARS. See you on the inside.

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