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Scrappy Shooting Star Baby Quilt

Because baby quilts make great gifts. I try to keep a few on hand. I had recently given away my last Shooting Star baby quilt. It is such a fun make. I thought I’d make another. This time I decided to make it scrappy. Surprise, surprise.

I had a ton of fun diving into my scrap bins. Bits for that cute little beginning of the star dust. I had a bunch of leftover hst triangles that I had cut with my Go cutter. Yes, I love that die! Sometimes I get a little carried away using it. Hence the extra triangles.

I had a lovely navy that set those bright scraps off perfectly. I don’t that my quilting is good enough to go as bold as I did. But I love the starry night look the quilting added to my quilt.

Now I’m ready for the next new baby to come my way.


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