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Happy Mail, Charity Quilt Unboxing

It’s that time of year when beautiful charity quilts begin to appear on my doorstep. This is in large part thanks to Sarah and her generous readers. She must have mentioned Quilty Hugs to the talented and giving people at Moda Fabrics. Because a very large box of quilts arrived on my doorstep from them.

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with Quilty Hugs, it is something I started several years ago with my friend Ginger. I met Ginger in the chemo lab. She was a vibrant person. My first visit was less scary and even a little fun thanks to her. Sadly she lost her battle a few years ago. Quilty Hugs lives on in her honor. All donated quilts go to patients fighting cancer. We take quilts of all sizes, but prefer throw size.

Now back to the wonderful box recently received from Moda. Here are just a few of the quilts it contained. It so much fun unpacking the box I thought I would share the joy. I had my daughter video it. So you could take part in the excitement and fun I enjoyed discovering each wonderful quilt.

Would you like to share your talent? Maybe create a few charity quilts. You can share them with Quilty Hugs or one of the other charities Sarah highlights. Join Sarah’s Hands2Help. While you can just send your quilts to me for Quilty Hugs. If you join Hands2Help you can win prizes. Now that’s a win win.

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