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Thanks to Sarah and all her generous readers many Quilty Hugs have been showing up on my door step. I’ve been storing them in my YouTube studio. One whole wall was dedicated to their storage. Many more and they would have run into the tripod that holds my camera.

So on Saturday, I called Michelle, from the Rack Pack. She and her hubby agreed to drop off quilts at Huntsman Cancer Center, Primary Children’s Hospital and keep a few for the Rack Pack. I was so grateful. Some exciting news has come my way. It has got me very busy. So any help I can get, I’m thankful for.

We all made trips with arm loads of quilts

We filled the backseat and back area of her car. This is the second time in the last month we’ve done this.

Yesterday five more packages showed up. Thank you everyone for your generosity. Each one of these Quilty Hugs will bring comfort and hope. So grateful to see all this good. Especially when the world has been so crazy lately.

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  • I’m a breast cancer survivor and have been cancer free for 17 years!! PTL! The Lord gave me the opportunity to do what I love when I retired, Quilting! I want to support H2H and send a charity quilt to your group. Please let me know your fabric requirements, dimensions, etc and where I can send it. Thanks for all you so generously do for others!! Bonnie in South Georgia, USA

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