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Life Lessons From a Scrap Quilt

Do you love sifting, sorting and perusing through your scrap bins? I have to admit it is one of my favorite activities. I also like to look for parallels between quilting and life. It never ceases to surprise me life lessons to be learned. Recently I shared what I learned from a Depression era quilter. Today I’d like to share my latest lesson.

Shooting Stars

In the scrap bag of life we associate with all kinds of people.  As we are shifted through and tossed about we get a feel for those that compliment us, those that help us stand out, and unfortunately those who make us seem less than what we are. I really like what Steve Levitt and Amaryllis Fox discussed recently on the podcast, People I Mostly Admire. They both felt that while cultures and beliefs vary greatly. People are very similar. We love, hurt, and are just trying to survive. Like Steve and Amaryllis I believe, exposer to all these different types of people is good for us.  It helps us grow, learn and figure out where we fit. 

When assembling a quilt I’ve found that how I arrange fabrics effects whether they shine or play a supporting role.  To create a beautiful quilt I need both. A whole quilt of zingers the quilt would not be nearly as beautiful. I also know that not every fabric is meant for a particular quilt. Some just may not play nice with my current fabric pull. While I still love that print. I will keep it for another project. One where it can shine.  Rather than be a sore thumb.

Our life and relationships are similar. Sometimes in the quilt of life we get to play a supporting role.  We help others to stand out. Knowing that everyone has different strengths, we can allow those better qualified to take the star role.  We use our talents and strengths to support, know that this doesn’t diminish our value.  It only adds beauty to the whole of the quilt of life.

There are also times when we get to be the one to shine.  When our talents and strengths stand out and set an example for those around us.  As we decide where and when we will play each role we need to be careful not to attach ourselves with those that dull us down or worse make us seem ugly.   While every scrap has a place in some quilt. It doesn’t mean they all have to play in your quilt. Brush against them in the bin. Notice their strengths. Cheer them on. But stitch into your life the bits that support you and help you be your best.


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