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Explore Color, Value and Design

Join me for a five day adventure. We will explore color, value and design. Scale those mountains of scraps. Dive deep to find hidden gems. Reveal a unique design. And discover a hidden quilt in your sewing room.

How it Works

Starting May 24th join me at 10 am. Mountain time live on my YouTube channel. We will continue at the same time and place through May 28th. Each day will discover new ideas to help us uncover the hidden Jumbo Scrappy Star hidden in your sewing room.


Day 1 we’ll focus on how color and value play a role in your quilt. Receive tips and tricks on using these tools to get the desired effect you are looking for in your quilt. Add these tools to your toolbelt to help you in all the quilts you create.

Day 2 we’ll discover the value of a quilt plan. Learn how to create one. Plus work together to design one. When you sign up. You’ll receive a workbook to help you to create your own quilt plan for this quilt.

Day 3 we’ll discover the tools needed to scale your quilt. Decide whether you would like to make your quilt bed size of mini. Begin cutting out your quilt.

Day 4 we’ll explore making various blocks to include in your quilt.

Day 5 receive tips and tricks for assembling your Jumbo Scrappy star.

Once your quilt is complete use this post to help you quilt it yourself.

Join the Adventure

The adventure is free. You will want to sign up. So you can receive the companion workbook. It is full of useful tips. Plus the quilt plan diagram so you can explore color, value and design before cutting into your precious fabric. See you next Monday!


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